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Betsy Steiner Dressage offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider.  We have many training options available ranging from lessons to full training and competitive strategy planning.  Our staff is able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.  We structure a unique program for each of our students based on their needs and goals.  If you would like to find out more about our training packages contact Jessie at

Betsy Steiner

DRESSAGE LESSONS – Betsy and Jessie base their dressage lessons on the principles of the Classical Training Pyramid: tempo & rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, and collection. “Just as a house must be built on a solid foundation, a horse must achieve a certain degree of mastery at each level before he can truly embark on the next.” From A Gymnastics Riding System using Mind, Body, & Spirit by Betsy Steiner

LUNGE LESSONS – The emphasis at Steiner Dressage is on training the rider as well as the horse. Lunge lessons give the rider the opportunity to concentrate on position and to develop an effective seat.

LONG-LINING – Betsy and Jessie have trained extensively with Bo Jena, Sweden’s Chef d’Equipe for Dressage and former trainer at the renowned Swedish National Stud “Flyinge.” The Steiner’s long-lining expertise adds a new dimension to the development of the horse. Through long-lining, the horse can develop correct musculature, strength, and suppleness.

EQUILATES, UNMOUNTED EXERCISES – Unmounted Equilates exercises help develop strength, suppleness, and body awareness in the rider. Exercises are taught on the mat and the stability ball, and often incorporate props such as magic circles and therabands. Riders can also workout on “Vino”, the resident equicizer, a mechanical horse which allows them to work on strength, stability, balance, and position in a controlled environment. “I always address the rider’s development first, and then the horse’s. That’s because you, as the rider, are the leading partner in the dance.” From A Gymnastics Riding System using Mind, Body, & Spirit

EQUILATES, MOUNTED LESSONS – In mounted Equilates exercises, riders continue to work on core strength and suppleness, and develop an awareness of how position affects the movement of the horse. “You (the rider) are in control of what happens to your own body and, therefore, you have the ability to influence your horse’s.” From A Gymnastics Riding System using Mind, Body, & Spirit

COACHING AT SHOWS – Betsy and Jessie are happy to provide coaching to their students at horse shows, from local schooling shows to FEI events.