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Becky M"After years of being away from the sport of dressage, I had the opportunity to ride my new horse in a clinic with Betsy. I was amazed at the way Betsy was able to quickly identify what each horse and rider needed to work on in their lesson.  Our focus was on keeping my mare straight, which will help me manage her body in various movements.  We concentrated on shoulder-in.  The skills we worked on were broken down in such a way that I was able to recreate the same feeling at home. Betsy was positvie and energetic throughout my lesson. I am really looking forward to riding with her again soon!"

Becky M.


Suzan Saylor

Suzan Saylor"Today I rode with the CD.  It was the best ride ever on Feisal!  Everything was soft and fluid, and my position was great.  Everything went really well, even the zigzags.  I love this CD!  Would give them to all my students as gifts.  I love your voice and as I was driving home I was wondering why Feisal was so willing and so in front of my aids and why when I asked for Piaffe and Passage it was so effortless.  Then I realized he remembered your voice.  This was a blast, like having a lesson with you all the time. Thank you so much."

Suzan Saylor


"My dream to learn to ride dressage came true when I found my beloved Majestad. Little did I know that
the art and science of dressage involves much more than riding for pleasure. It involves many sacrificies as to prepare and train not only the horse but the rider consitantly with patience to be able to to reach true partnership between horse and rider.

I am very fortunate to have wonderful instructors who look at every aspect of my training so one day I can fulfill my dream. Through them, I had the opportunity to meet Betsy. My goal for the clinic was to learn how she can help me put together my pilates with my riding training to be effective with my aids and to accomplish this by using them independantly.  We decided to concentrate on my seat, breathing and overall position by having a longe lesson. Betsy succeed since I could follow not only her words but I was able to feel where I needed to be for my horse to perform with just the change in my position.

The clinic was not only successful for that day but I have been able to continue practicing what she taught me and we make new progress every time I ride and train the equilates. I look forward to
the next clinic.

Thank you Betsy for the dressage lessons which in my life go beyond dressage. I admire you for
who you are, an elegant, knowledgeable, sencilla, a real lady who I enjoy tremendously to be with and
hope to have by my side in this wonderful journey of dressage."

Caroline Hofland

Georgia“Jessie’s lessons are great!” She is really nice and she makes Dressage really fun!”
Georgia D
Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Clubber
– age 8

“Our pony club has been so fortunate to be able to hold a winter lesson series with Jessie Steiner at her beautiful Pittstow, NJ facility.  Jessie is absolutely wonderful with the kids. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying the series and they are learning so much. Jessie has been so accommodating and welcoming to all of us. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”
Paige DiRoberto
DC Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Club

Pony Club

"Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Betsy when she gave a clinic outside Atlanta last October. I had ridden with her several times in the past, but now I had my “schoolmaster” and was very excited to get her input.  What a great two days! Wanting more I headed to Florida to work with Betsy for two weeks.

WendyIt was wonderful! She worked with me each day, explaining everything my body needed to do and without me realizing it, pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I loved how I could ask her anything and appreciated how she helped me with my confidence. She is an enthusiastic teacher that obviously loves what she does, regardless of the level of the horse or rider.

So many times, I would “get it” while the clinician was with me, but couldn’t recreate it when on my own. Yet, when I got home this time, the most wonderful thing happened…I got on my older horse and could recreate the feel I had on my schoolmaster using my newly acquired skills.  The way I see it, that’s what makes a good teacher a great one!"
Wendy Limerick
Caper & Danos

Kathi Barrett"Steiner Dressage is the ultimate in professional training. I had the honor and privilege to ride with Betsy last year for a week's worth of training, inspiration and insight into classical dressage. She encompasses 'Mind, Body and Spirit' working one on one with you and your horse to establish that cohesiveness and teamwork every dressage rider strives for. Jessie Steiner coordinated everything necessary to make my trip up from Va to NJ a positive and rewarding experience. This winter I experienced the amazing "Vino", the Equicizer. Vino is a wonderful tool to improve your posture, balance and seat aids. Coupled with Betsy's personalized instructional technique, this completes your riding experience. Frits and I had an awesome experience with "Team Steiner" and plan to come back this spring! Frits and I have greatly improved; Steiner Dressage rocks!!"
Kathi Barrett

Here's what riders have to say about riding with Betsy Steiner in the 2010 clinics at Vintage Hill Farm:

"I rode with Betsy in November of 2009 and she made my horse more relaxed, happy, and active than I have ever felt her. More importantly, by the final day of the three day clinic, Sabrina was dragging me to the trailer to go ride with Betsy again. Betsy is able to make horses not only willing but joyful to work and I am eager to learn more about her relaxed but effective approach to riding and training."
Sarah Travis, MN

And in June Sarah writes: " Thanks to Vintage Hill for hosting the clinic - all of my horses have been going better than ever thanks to Betsy's help!"

"Such an idyllic weekend with wonderful people and our horses. Everyone learned so much from the most generous Betsy Steiner. Her gifts of time and wisdom and friendship will always be remembered!"
Stacey Bates

Mary Brennan"Betsy Steiner has been the comsumate dressage instructor for my horse Monet and myself. She combines her extensive knowledge and experience as a dressage trainer with the ability to figure out how to bring the best out in each horse."
Dr. Mary Brennan

"This is from Deborah Woodard. My horse is Whitman.  The end of June will mark two years at BSD in full training with Jessie.  I came to the barn with a hunter/jumper background.  Whitman, an accomplished schoolmaster, and I had already spent a year together but found ourselves confused and getting nowhere.  BSD designed a program that included professional training for both of us. This approach helped my horse to regain the confidence he had lost and set me up for success each day as a progressively higher percentage of time in the saddle was transfered to me. Jessie's approach is educated,  systematic, compassionate and positive, her toolbox varied and creative.  I have discovered a more effective seat through which I can communicate with Whitman in a language he understands, to recognize when I need to look in the dictionary for a new word and to begin to form the phrases that can make riding such a joy.  I am now the primary rider with Jessie tuning up as needed as we begin our progress towards the 4th level tests."
Deborah Woodard

My experience with Betsy has been nothing short of life changing. To be able to train with someone with all of her international experience is like a dream come true. Betsy has worked and continues to work with the best people in the dressage community yet she is willing to share her time and expertise with everyone. I was very frustrated and had all but given up and lost my passion for riding when a great friend introduced us. One of the best things about Betsy is how she puts her heart and soul into both you and the horse. My horses love Betsy and that really makes me happy. She approaches each horse and rider combination horse with a speclal feel for what is right for them. I appreciate that she is able to talk to you about all aspects of bring your horse along through the levels and that it is so much more than just hopping on and riding. She is very honest and will tell you what you need to be doing with your horse. Betsy has so much to offer I am excited every time I go see her. Her barn has a wonderful atmosphere that makes you and your horse feel calm and relaxed too! It is like coming home where everyone is happy to see you and very supportive. I am so thankful to able to train with such a talented yet gracious lady.
Patti Thompson

"Betsy...Wow! What a great clinic I had with you. Thank you so much for your help. I am never disappointed at your clinics and you NEVER fail to "bring it"! So thank you. You have so much wisdom and knowledge. I am always greatful for your ability to share it."
Missy Bartel, Riverbend Ranch, Augusta Kansas


Here is what my husband, Dick Anderson, said to Betsy.
“I admire your knowledge and skill, but what I appreciate the most about you is the grace, courtesy and respect you show to each of your students no matter what level they ride.”

We both appreciate Betsy’s knowledge and professionalism.
Wanda Anderson, Missouri


KatieThis past weekend, Betsy came to my farm for a Dressage and Equilates Clinic. One of the riders was a Special Olympics athlete, Katie, who has Downs Syndrome. I have coached Katie in Special Olympics dressage for several years, and during that time, I have introduced her to pilates and Equilates, so it just seemed natural for her to participate in the clinic. I thought I knew Katie's riding ability pretty well, but once again, Betsy raised my standards. She taught Katie just like she taught all the other riders. She expected Katie to use her outside upper leg to control her pony's shoulders, and to play with her fingers to get the pony round and on the bit. She asked Katie to trot around the whole arena, do little "flowers" crossing the centerline, 10 meter circles, and turns onto the centerline. And just like alot of the other riders in the clinic, Katie got out of bed today and said to her mom "I'm a little stiff this morning from working so hard in my lesson with Betsy yesterday!" Just one more example of Betsy working her magic with horses and riders. - Cindy