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Steiner Dressage offers many educational opportunities for young adults who want to gain experience in a competitive dressage program. Interns are exposed to all aspects of Steiner Dressage. They will come away from the program with a thorough understanding of Betsy and Jessie’s classical training philosophy for both the horse and rider. They will learn skills necessary to run a successful training operation, and have extensive experience with horse and stable management. Priority is given to riders who can bring their own horses for intensive training.

Interns who bring horses will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full training with Jessie Steiner (approximately 20 lessons per month)
  • Two private lessons per month with Betsy Steiner
  • Weekly observation of Betsy’s sessions with a horse in training, followed by a question and answer period

Interns will be asked to assist with the daily functioning of Steiner Dressage, performing tasks such as:

  • Cleaning stalls
  • Grooming and tacking up horses
  • Cleaning tack
  • Assisting with stable scheduling
  • Keeping the facility neat and tidy at all times

Steiner Dressage is committed to introducing interns to all aspects of the equine industry. Betsy and Jessie want the students to come away from their program with an appreciation of the teamwork that is involved in getting a horse and rider into the show ring.

Interns will have periodic lectures by guest speakers, such as:

  • Farriers
  • Veterinarians
  • Equine chiropractors
  • Equine massage therapists
  • Equilates instructors

Steiner Dressage participates in shows in New Jersey, New York, and surrounding states. During the winter, the Steiners also show in Florida. Students have many opportunities for showing, ranging from small schooling shows to large CDI competitions.

At shows, interns:

  • Assist in the preparation of horses
  • Observe warm-ups and training sessions 
  • Bring their horses if they wish to show and receive coaching at horse shows

Steiner Dressage will provide housing for students.  Students will be required to pay for all their horse's expenses, including stabling; feed, hay, shavings, vet and farrier. 

If you would like more information about the internship program, or would like to obtain an application, please contact Jessie Steiner at or 561/358-6055.