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Mind, Body & Spirit Cover

A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body, and Spirit

Progressive Training for Rider and Horse

Betsy Steiner with Jennifer Bryant

Most books on dressage discuss the physical aspects of riding: horse position, rider position, use of the aids, and movements. International dressage rider and trainer Betsy Steiner believes that the physical (body) is just one-third of the riding equation with two vital components—the intellectual (mind) and the psychological (spirit)—that are equally important. Her unique and well-rounded approach gives comparable attention to the body, mind, and spirit of both rider and horse as they ascend the classical training pyramid together.

Each level of the classical training pyramid—rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, and collection—are addressed in three-dimensions for both rider and horse; complete with a full program of Pilates exercises for the rider and gymnastic body-building exercises for the horse.

Readers will learn about establishing vital qualities in horse and self, such as:

  • Alignment and coordination
  • Relaxation and flow
  • Mental focus
  • Forwardness
  • Trust and confidence
  • Obedience and work ethic

Never before has such a multifaceted training system been laid out for riders and horses of all levels, and the wonderful thing is that the work is firmly routed in the classical method, which is the key to all good training.

BETSY STEINER is a teacher, trainer, and clinician based in New Jersey and Florida. She has ridden for the United States Dressage Team in international competition, and is known for her numerous articles on training and rider fitness. JENNIFER O. BRYANT is the editor of the U.S. Dressage Federation’s monthly magazine, USDF Connection, and the author other equestrian books and articles. She is an active upper-level dressage rider.
272 pp, 165 color photos & 35 color drawings, May 2003

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